COVID 19 Precautions at Summerfest

Our staff has been in contact with the Camp SOTO staff and here are some things we are going to require and/or implement to ensure the safety of everyone attending Summerfest. We also know a lot can change in the upcoming months so these guidelines may be subject to change. Ideally, we wouldn’t have to do any of these things, but this is the reality of where we are and we are committed to doing things as safely as possible.


Here is the list:

  • Everyone attending Summerfest will need to present a negative Covid test (we aren’t sure if that will be in the previous 48 or 72 hours or a different number yet) OR proof of a Covid vaccine. This will include all of our camp speakers, worship leaders, staff, adult leaders, and students.

  • We will be providing camp neck gaiters for everyone to wear as they see fit. Right now masks will not be required or mandated other than the bus ride down and back. Because we cannot require masks in lodges where students would be sleeping, we wouldn’t mandate them in other places. Exceptions to this may include worship, but decisions on that will not be made until closer to departure.

  • Temperature checks will happen each morning in individual lodges per Camp SOTO’s requirements.

  • We will have multiple medical personnel going on the trip that we will lean on for counsel in individual situations and we will also have procedures in place for anyone who gets sick during camp.

  • In addition, there may be an addendum to the hold harmless agreement addressing Covid protocols.


We are all ready to have the Covid guidelines behind us, but we wanted to let you know these things as soon as possible so you can be aware. As we get closer to May, we will update these and communicate to you so that you can prepare accordingly. We will also see if we have any options to facilitate testing as we get closer.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have




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