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  1. No guys in girls rooms; no girls in guys rooms at any time.

  2. Do not go in other people’s rooms during free time.

  3. Do not go through anyone else’s stuff in the room.

  4. Be on time to all activities and sessions.

  5. Bring Bibles, pens and camp book to all sessions and morning breakouts.

  6. For couples who are dating: holding hands is far enough, don’t go anywhere by yourselves (always have at least one other person with you), consider spending part of your days apart so you are not so exclusive.

  7. Let adult cabin leaders know where you are at all times.

  8. Every student is required to attend all sessions, breakouts, big events, small groups, and late night options.

  9. No cell phones, iPods, iPads, hand held game systems, or any other electronics. Parents can call sponsors cell phone to reach students in an emergency & sponsors will give students access to phones to call parents if necessary.

  10. No alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or vapes are allowed.

  11. No pranking materials or pranks.

  12. No Bullying, period. If you have to ask, or wonder if something has crossed the line, it’s probably bullying.

  13. Failure to follow any rules or authority means you made the choice to go home.

  14. Curfew is 11:30 PM to 5:30 AM—no exceptions. Appropriate discipline will be administered.

  15. If you break the rules late in the week you will not be allowed to attend a selected event next year.

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